Software Solutions

Has your company spent a lot of time, money and effort on systems but they still don’t do what you need them to do?

Are you concerned about using multiple software products or spreadsheets to manage risk?

​Does the software you use cost too much?

Then talk to us about a range of products which can meet your needs cost effectively. Save money and drive business improvement by getting the right solution. 

  • Health and Safety Management System

  • Environment Management System

  • Project Management

  • Document management

  • Records / data management

  • Develop and manage any type of register

  • Learning Management System (LMS) – for training and competency records

  • Incident and Event Management

  • Action tracking and KPI’s

  • Budgeting and Purchasing Control

  • Legal / statutory compliance

  • Risk and Control management

  • On-Line Bow Ties for high risk industries

  • Risk Register

  • Legal Obligations Register

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